Sanvi IT is a company offering end-to-end solutions for clients and customers across the globe. Working in the area of new emerging IT technologies, Sanvi IT has expertise and resources in offering support to organizations in the area of IT solutions, networking and back office operations. Sanvi IT collaborates and partners with global companies to provide assistance in streamlining the process and systems in their respective workspace.

Our focus on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking has enabled our team of professionals to assist organizations to find the right solution at the right cost. With an entrepreneurial outlook and understanding of return on investment, we help our clients and customers to grow in scaling up their business operations. Our company’s passion and dedication is unsurpassed within the industry, we work with the best software, the best staff, and the best clients to create the best results.

With focus on new technology and IT solutions, Sanvi IT offers the most dynamic, flexible, and scalable solutions to its clients that fulfils their business objectives. Our commitment, customer satisfaction, technical expertise, corporate value and transparency have made us a preferred partner to our clients.

Designing systems and processes for a diverse range of clients has enabled us to develop expertise in different new domains and technologies / platforms. We provide software application development services for business solutions as well as systems and embedded software with in-depth knowledge of specific domains within these two fields.

Our senior most managers come from various professional fields and ensure that our core belief of excellence in quality and in looking after our own is not compromised in any manner.

Our strong belief is that folks that work with us are our pillars, a happy associate equals to a happy client.  This has proved true again and again for us.

Transparency is a virtue not found in a lot of companies.  We are transparent enough to ensure that due credit is given to the rightful owner when it is due.